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Thank you for your interest in our Festival Honoree of the Year Program!
The program recognizes individuals whose dedication and outstanding contributions over the years have helped to maintain, strengthen, and enrich the Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston.

The Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston is a year-round, volunteer-led, non-profit organization. Many people work countless hours to coordinate and stage this huge annual production, and hundreds of performers choreograph, rehearse, and travel great distances in order to participate in the big day. Members of the organizing committee attend to the publicity, lighting and audio production, and a myriad of logistical details. Though the cost of producing the Festival has increased over the years, we are committed to keeping ticket prices modest in order to maximize the community’s ability to enjoy this event.

Each year, we invite you to honor a distinguished leader in the Israeli dance community and to support this vibrant Jewish Boston institution by making a generous tax-deductible contribution to the Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston.

Be sure to join us on Sunday March 10th for our 43rd annual production as we recognize our Honoree and acknowledge our many generous donors in the program. Enjoy the show!


It is our great privilege to announce our 2019 Festival Honoree of the Year – Abby Wolf.
Abby started dancing at age three. She began with ballet, tap, jazz, and acrobatics, but all along the way she kept hearing about Israeli dance from her mom, Pam Wolf. Pam had been an Israeli dancer when she was younger — she was Rosh Rikud (head of the Israeli dance program) at Camp Yavneh and danced in the Festival with the performance group, Keren Shemesh. Abby wanted to be just like her. Pam says of Abby, “It was Israeli dance that kindled Abby’s true passion and creativity. Her leadership skills have enabled Abby both to teach and to instill a love of Israeli dance in hundreds of kids over many years, and also to organize and lead highly successful performing groups. Abby truly deserves the Festival’s recognition of her contribution to Israeli dance and her influence on so many Israeli dancers!”

At age nine, Abby spent the first of many summers at Camp Yavneh. She chose Rikud (dance) as her elective, and from then on, she was hooked. As an older camper, Abby joined the performance group that danced at the Jewish Arts Festival, an intercamp song and dance celebration. Arts Festival rehearsals and performances were not only her favorite times at camp, but they were also where she began to learn different styles of Israeli dance and the choreography techniques that she would later incorporate into her own groups. Abby ultimately served as Rosh Rikud at Camp Yavneh for several years, and was thrilled to have the chance to choreograph for Arts Festival.

In addition to Israeli dance, Abby stayed involved in other types of dance. She was co-captain of her high school’s dance team for three years and also performed in the school’s dance company. During her senior year of high school, Abby choreographed her first Israeli dance piece, which the school’s dance company performed in its spring show.

In fall of 2001, Abby started college at Brandeis University. She quickly joined its Israeli dance group, B’yachad, as well as the campus’ Adagio Dance Company. From her sophomore through her senior year, Abby directed and choreographed B’yachad, while serving on the board of and choreographing for Adagio. She also began attending open Israeli dance sessions at Kehillath Israel and MIT.

Also in fall of 2001, Abby became involved with Israeli dance at Hebrew College’s high school branch, Prozdor. For ten years she taught repertoire classes and directed its Israeli dance performance troupe, Nilhav, which performed in the Festival. It has been exciting for Abby to see her students grow into mature dancers, some of whom still take part in the Festival.

Abby’s adult dancing career started in 2003 with Zikukim Israeli dance performance troupe led by Becca Rausch. Inspired to become even more involved, in 2007, Abby co-founded Besamim, a women’s Israeli dance troupe, with Rachel Segaloff. Abby choreographed and directed Besamim for six years before moving to Washington, DC, but she left a strong legacy; Besamim continues to perform to this day. Rachel said, “Israeli dancing is at the core of who Abby is! Over the years, she has taught high school and adult groups with enthusiasm, and her love for Israeli dancing makes an indelible impression on everyone who has danced with and learned from her. And of course, her unique “Abby” moves are a critical part of her awesome choreography! I couldn’t have formed Besamim without her, and, even if she’s in DC, she’ll always be a part of it.”

After settling into her new home in DC in 2013, Abby realized that her life was missing a dance troupe. Right away she founded Mavrik, which has performed in the Festival every year since its creation. Many of the women in Mavrik also have Boston ties — most members of the group are B’yachad or Kalaniot alumnae! Abby has also served on the committee for the DC Israeli Dance Festival for several years and co-choreographs its finale each year. “Abby’s choreography keeps both her dancers and the audience excited by combining traditional steps with a modern twist. The love for Israeli dance that Abby inspires energizes the entire dance community,” said Julie Berg who dances in Mavrik.

When not dancing, Abby is an elder law attorney in DC. She was raised in Wellesley, MA, and is still strongly connected to the Boston Israeli dance community.

Abby has taught and choreographed for high school and college students, for adults young and old, in Boston and Washington. As her dancers have developed, she has created opportunities for them to continue to dance and perform. She has injected all of them with her passion for Israeli folkdance. Those who have performed under her direction come back year after year to the stage of the Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston, even when Abby is no longer their leader. Thank you for honoring Abby and for supporting the Israel Folkdance Festival of Boston with your thoughtful contribution.


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